Modern Slavery Statement

Under the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, all businesses with over £36m in annual turnover conducting business in the UK are required to publish а slavery and human trafficking statement. The statement should detail the steps that the organisation is undertaking to ensure that its global supply chain is slavery free.

This is the statement of ITE Group plc ("ITE"). lt covers ITE and its subsidiaries.


IТЕ is committed to upholding and implementing high standards of governance and ethical behaviour across its businesses. We recognise that slavery, forced or compulsory labour and the trafficking of persons for any purpose ("Modern Slavery") is а global issue and we are taking steps to ensure that this is eliminated from our supply chains.

Risk Profile

As an organiser of Business-to-Business exhibltions and conferences, our direct risk is generally low. We are, however, aware that we work in а number of countries where the Modern Slavery risk is higher. ln addition, our events include industry sectors where Modern Slavery may Ье more prevalent and therefore exhibltors and attendees at certain of our events may have higher risk profiles.

Our Supply Chain

We work with а large number of suppliers of goods and services, exhibltors, business partners and operational support partners across the globe. We also work with sub-contractors and small and large businesses to help us create long term relationships in the best interests of our customers.

Our Existing Framework

ITE's policies help us to discharge our commitment to ethical and socially responsiЬle business practices. These policies include: 

  • Our human rights policy
  • Our anti-bribery and corruption policies
  • Our whistleЫowing policy

AII employees must comply with these policies and are encouraged to report any concern or suspicion of wrongdoing. 

Actions for Financial Year 2019

Historically ITE's approach to supply-chain management was that this was devolved to regional and local leadership. Whilst regional and local leadership will retain а strong element of control in such relationships, that control will Ье placed within а global Groupwide context of measures to ensure that ITE can demonstrate it is meeting its oЫigations concerning Modern Slavery.

ln Financial Year 2019 we intend to put in place the following measures: 

  • Production of а code of conduct for suppliers to ITE and communication of that code of conduct to our suppliers;
  • Assessment of the most material risks to ПЕ from Modern Slavery concerns (for example Ьу way of event sector; geography; nature of services supplied etc), and
  • Delivery of training to ITE's senior global, regional and local leadership оп Modern Slavery matters.
We will report our progress on implementing these measures in our Modern Slavery statement in 2019.

Board Approval

This statement was approved bу the Board of IТЕ on 26 November 2018 and will Ье subject to annual review. 

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