Here’s a selection of questions that we receive frequently (or occasionally). If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with our customer service team at [email protected]
Q. How can I get in touch with someone regarding a specific event?
Contacts can be found on event websites which you can search for quickly and easily using the event search function.
Q.How do I register to attend an event?
Our events each have an online registration system that is usually accessible in the months preceding the start of an event. If you are experiencing problems with the registration system, please contact a member of the event team. Details can be found by visiting the event website and can be found using the event search function.
Q.Do you have apps for your events?
For an increasing number of events, yes (but not all of them). Where they are available, you will be able to find more information on the event website. We’re constantly testing and deploying new technology to enhance your event experience.
Q.I have a product that I would like to present to someone at ITE, who do I contact?
We receive a large volume of telephone calls and emails about products that may help us with our business. We politely request that all speculative enquiries of this nature are sent initially to [email protected]. We cannot guarantee to respond to every email, but we will reply to those that are of interest.
Q.I have a suggestion or complaint. Who should I contact?
If you think we can improve our services, or we’ve done something wrong (we are human), we’d like to know about it. The best person to contact depends on the nature of the suggestion or complaint. You can find event contacts on the show website but you are welcome to email your thoughts to our customer services team at [email protected]
Q.There’s a problem with this website, who should I report it to?
This site is managed by our London-based digital team, please email them on [email protected]