At ITE, we value…



We are results-driven. Our service, operational and management performance is geared towards delivering results for our customers. We are not prone to indulgence or vanity projects, instead, we aim to:

  • Set higher standards, learn from mistakes and celebrate success 
  • Run a lean, dynamic and innovative business, quick to seize opportunities and adapt to market conditions
  • Produce the right environment for our customers to connect – consistently delivering value and ROI


We carry a pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit and know that a combination of hard work, smart thinking, agility and quiet confidence in our own ability can produce opportunities in all markets – for our customers – our hosts – and for us.


We aim to do ‘the right thing’ in all business environments. We are a reliable, trusted company with consistent practices, standards and ethics that meet or exceed global requirements, even when such rigor exceeds the cultural or regulatory expectations of local markets.


We have a professional, friendly, almost family-like working environment and we value the warmth that we exhibit in our relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues – even our competitors. Our people create our culture and we recognise that our culture is what makes us different and (we think) better than all other companies in our industry.

Our Customers

Our customers invest considerable time, effort and money in the events and services that we provide. In return, they deserve:

  • to be treated with respect and fairness
  • great products that meet their business needs
  • support, whenever they need it
  • an experience that exceeds their expectations



In a world that has more ways to connect than ever before, we expect and anticipate change. We constantly look for better ways to operate, to add value for our customers and to provide new ways for our customers to connect.