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Analitika Expo 2018

24-26 April, 2018
Analitika Expo is the largest international exhibition of laboratory equipment and reagents and number one in Russia for analytical chemistry.

It is the most effective trade show for leading manufacturers and suppliers to introduce and promote their expert products in a prospective Russian market.

The annual exhibition attracts visitors from R&D, chemical, pharmaceuticals, health care, medicine, diagnostics, environmental protection, food industry, oil and gas. All of them are looking to connect directly with innovative product suppliers and manufactures.

The list of Analitika Expo exhibitors includes such well-known companies as Analytik Jena, Bruker, IKA-Werke, Koettermann, Leco, Liebherr, Memmert, Merck, Rigaku, Waters and many others.

Number of exhibitors: 238 from 19 countries, 28% are foreign companies
Number of visitors: 6 069 specialists from 19 countries and 65 regions of Russia
Total Exhibition area: 8 477 sq. m.

Exhibitor results*:
82% Met current customers / partners
76% Found new customers
75% Maintained company's image
48% Increased brand awareness
46% Introduced new products into the market
27% Evaluate the potential demand for new products

Visitor results*:
54% 3 248 Influence buying decisions for products and services presented at the exhibition
65% 3 909 Plan to make a purchase of products on results of visiting Analitika Expo
65% 3 909 Visited Analitika Expo to find new suppliers and business partners
68% 4 090 Visited Analitika Expo to find out about new products and services
70% 4 210 Visited conferences and exhibitor’s seminars
* multiple choice

Contact details

Organiser: ITE Moscow
Telephone: +7 (499) 750-08-28 ext. 6226